Tech21 D3O Impact Snap Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini - White

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Product Information

  • High quality construction integrated with patented D3O impact protection material for maximum protection
  • Minimalistic look and feel - does not add bulk to your device
  • Full functional access to your device

Product Description

Lucky enough to own the Galaxy S III mini?. Want to give it the maximum protection while preseving the stylish looks?. Tech 21's Impact Snap Case with Cover is fully integrated with D3O, a patented protective material that combines impact protection and high performance shock absorption to protect your electronic device. D3O is a revolutionary technology used by the Ministry of Defence and US Special Forces, as well as in 'impact' sports such as motorcycling and skiing. The unique structure protects your investment without compromising the functionality and style of your device.

What is D3O?.....D3O is a patented protective material that combines enhanced chemistry with product engineering to produce high performance shock absorption and impact protections solutions. In its' raw state, the D3O material flows freely when moved slowly, but on shock, locks together to absorb and disperse energy, before instantly returning to its flexible state. This, combined with product engineering and enhanced chemistry, results in a number of high performance impact protective solutions.

How it works.....The functionality of the raw material originates from the synergistic effects of the polymer based dilatants. Energy is distributed throughout the synthetic elastomeric polymer and the enhanced chemistry continues to distribute energy on throughout the matrix, significantly reducing the effect of impact.

Put simply, when the D3O material is impacted, it acts like a net, reducing and spreading the force over a larger area, minimising the risk of injury or equipment damage.

Box Contains

Impact Snap Case with Cover for Samsung Galaxy S III mini

Tech21 D3O Impact Snap Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini - White